New Jersey Mediation Attorneys

In recent years, courts, attorneys and litigants have turned to alternate dispute resolution (ADR) to help resolve disputes more quickly and cost effectively than traditional litigation. Through arbitration (an ADR technique for the resolution of disputes where the parties to a dispute refer it to one or more persons (arbitrators) and agree to be bound by the arbitrator’s decision) and mediation (an ADR technique where a neutral third-party assists parties to a dispute in reaching a negotiated settlement), parties are often able to resolve a dispute either without the necessity of litigation or without the necessity of going to trial. Harwood Lloyd’s Alternate Dispute Resolution Department includes mediation and arbitration techniques that can be used by parties to resolve disputes in a cost-effective way short of litigation or as a part of litigation before trial.

Our attorneys bring provide ADR services in a wide variety of types of matters including commercial, litigation, family, zoning, probate and employment matters, among others. The New Jersey mediators and attorneys in our ADR group have extensive experience serving as judges, arbitrators, negotiators, special masters and complex case managers. Contact Harwwod Lloyd, LLC to schedule an appointment with our New Jersey mediators.