In honor of “International Be Kind to Lawyers Day”, we wanted to take a moment to remember both Victor Harwood and Frank Lloyd.

Victor Harwood, III was a quintessential gentleman and an excellent and accomplished trial lawyer.  He obtained his undergraduate degree at Harvard College and his law degree at the University of Virginia.  He relocated from his native Alabama to New Jersey and started out as an associate at the firm of Stevens and Mathias, a staff counsel office of The Hartford.  Thereafter, he associated with Charles Shenier and Daniel Gilady, in the firm of Gilady, Shenier and Harwood.  At that point, Victor’s largest clients were The Hartford and Allstate Insurance Company.  Following the passing of Messrs. Gilady and Shenier, Victor joined forces with Frank Lloyd, who along with Richard Ryan, had recently departed the firm of Morrison, Lloyd and Griggs.  They formed Harwood Lloyd.  In addition to being very accomplished in the field of personal injury litigation, Victor was well-known as an expert in the field of insurance coverage and bad faith litigation.  In 1993, after the New Jersey Supreme Court established promissory estoppel as a means to avoid application of plain policy language, Victor spearheaded a nationwide effort to demonstrate that the Court’s theory, which borrowed heavily from a law review article, had no factual basis whatsoever.  Not only did scores of insurance regulators refute the Court’s musings, no court in the nation, when confronted with the empirical proof Victor mustered, accepted the theory of regulatory estoppel.  Victor was extremely competitive, having run in (and finished) countless marathons.  He was religiously devout and an exemplary parent and husband.

Frank Lloyd was the managing partner of Harwood Lloyd since its inception in 1975 until his passing in 2007.  Frank was an accomplished trial attorney, obtaining his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Denver.  He was certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Certified Civil Trial Attorney and was named Professional Lawyer of the Year 2000 by the New Jersey Commission of Professionalism and a Diplomat American Board of Trial Advocates.  Frank and Victor Harwood instituted an unwritten but very strong code of conduct for Harwood Lloyd lawyers to be courteous and respectful of the bench, fellow counsel and litigants.  The firm started out with 4 lawyers and rapidly expanded through the 1980s and 1990s.  Frank was involved in a myriad of charitable and other activities outside of the firm, serving as President and Chairman of the Board of the United States Equestrian Team, Vice Chairman The Animal Medical Center, Board of Trustees – The Seeing Eye, Board of Trustees, Hackensack University Medical Center, Board of Directors Make-A-Wish Foundation, President of the Bernice Barbour Foundation.