New Jersey No Fault Litigation Lawyers

Recognizing the importance of No Fault PIP litigation to its insurance carrier clients, Harwood Lloyd in 1999 dedicated a specific department and personnel who specialize in the handling of those types of clams. Consisting of both attorneys and PIP paralegals, and lead by Partner Curt Turpan, Harwood Lloyd’s PIP department is acknowledged by insurance carriers, opposing counsel, Courts and PIP arbitrators to be the leading defense firm in the State for PIP claims. Combining the litigation expertise that the Firm has always been known for, with the specialized knowledge base required for today’s complex PIP world, such as AMA coding principles, the use of NCCI edits, and New Jersey’s extensive and increasingly complex framework of PIP regulations and statutes, Harwood Lloyd’s No Fault PIP Department consistently achieves the best possible result at a fair and reasonable cost to the client.

For those struggling with a PIP litigation case, contact our no fault attorneys in New Jersey at Harwood Lloyd to determine your best available options.