New Jersey Family Lawyers

Our NJ family law attorneys have extensive experience in all matters related to family law and divorce, including: child custody and parenting time issues, spousal and child support payments, prenuptial agreements, domestic violence, grandparent visitation, same-sex marriages and adoptions, among other types of family law cases.

Drawing on our years of experience, our attorneys will help you navigate through what is invariably a very difficult time and assist you in reaching a resolution to your case as expeditiously as possible. We understand that during times like these, it is imperative to understand all of your options and to make the best decisions based upon sound advice.

We are able to draw upon the resources provided by other attorneys at Harwood Lloyd, if necessary, to handle every aspect of a divorce which may arise. For example, our firm is also able to address issues involving real and personal property, taxation, trusts and estates, and business enterprises that are often part of a family law matter.

We are your advocates. We don’t look for problems, we look for solutions. We know that during such an emotional time, many people can focus only on their problems at hand. We keep our eyes on the big picture while paying attention to the details of your case. Taking a forward-thinking approach, we seek innovative solutions that protect your immediate interests, address your long-term needs and help you move forward.

Our Harwood Lloyd matrimonial attorneys take time to sit down with you and listen carefully to your concerns. We offer honest advice up front so that you can set realistic, achievable goals that address the unique concerns of your family.

Over the years, our attorneys have built a reputation for focused, dependable family law services. Many of our clients come from referral from our colleagues and former clients who appreciate our dedicated and experienced representation.

We also provide family law services for unmarried couples. We help in determining custody and support in paternity matters and other non-divorce family issues. We offer the personal guidance you need to address your interests and concerns.

If you or a loved one are struggling with a divorce or child custody case, contact our NJ family law attorneys today to begin building your defense and determine your next best step.