New Jersey Drug Attorneys

New Jersey’s emerging cannabis industry is sure to create a host of opportunities as New Jersey moves towards uniting its medical cannabis industry with a legalized recreational one.  The legalization of cannabis for both medical and recreational use creates a host of opportunities and risks that will be a complicated bureaucratic process as New Jersey seeks to integrate traditional criminal, business, lending, zoning and employment laws, with both Federal and State regulatory laws, some of which conflict with each other.  Harwood Lloyd’s professionals are familiar with navigating such challenges and look forward to working with both new and existing clients whom seeking to capitalize on the opportunities the cannabis industry presents.

Our Cannabis Practice Group consists of talented and seasoned attorneys from our Commercial & Business Law, Litigation, Employment, Environmental, Insurance, Real Estate and Zoning & Land Use Practice Areas to meet the needs of all aspects of this fluid and emerging area of the law.  Our NJ cannabis attorneys remain on top of the legal trends and developments in of the cannabis industry in both New Jersey and across the country.  Our skilled legal team is prepared to  provide cautionary consultation and advice  to clients so as to facilitate their objectives in this highly regulated industry as they navigate the conflicts of law which exist between State and Federal law.


Please be reminded that the possession, use, manufacturing, distribution and/or sale of marijuana is illegal under federal law which could result in criminal and civil penalties and fines.  No legal advice provided is intended to provide any guidance or assistance in violating federal law.  No legal work provided shall be construed as encouraging or advising anyone to engage in conduct that violates any federal or state law.