How an Attorney Can Help You Prepare Your Will

A Last Will and Testament is a legal declaration that states how you want your real and personal property to pass after you have died. Should you have minor children at the time of your death, a will can also declare who you want your children to live with after you have died and how they are to be raised. In order to have a valid will, it must comply with certain legal requirements. If it doesn’t meet any single requirement, a court might declare it invalid in its entirety. If that happens, your property passes pursuant to the law of intestate succession.

Intestate Succession

Under the law of intestate succession, some people might be awarded part of your estate who you didn’t intend to give anything to, and others who you wanted to benefit from your estate might not receive anything. The New Jersey estate plan attorneys at Harwood Lloyd can work with you through the process of properly drafting and executing your Last Will and Testament in complete compliance with New Jersey probate law. After executing your will, you’ll leave our offices feeling confident that your final wishes have been clearly and concisely set forth in a valid and binding legal instrument.

Don’t rely on legal forms that you can buy over the internet. You can risk having your will declared meaningless. Printed forms are only for the simplest types of wills, and a person with no legal experience can even make critical mistakes on those. Being penny wise and pound foolish can adversely affect those who are closest to you and interfere with your intent of providing for them after you are gone. Working with the New Jersey estate plan attorneys at Harwood Lloyd to effectuate your final intentions is going to benefit you and those who are closest to you in the end.