Partner David Robertson presents Insurance Fraud Seminar

Partner, David Robertson, whose practice focuses on insurance fraud, and who has lectured nationally on the subject, recently presented two hour-long presentations to a New Jersey insurance company on the law of insurance fraud in New Jersey. The presentation included a discussion of the New Jersey Insurance Fraud Prevention Act, the Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor, the role of the County Prosecutor’s Offices, anti-fraud policy language, cooperation clause policy language, and case law concerning policy fraud clauses, cooperation clauses, and the law of third-party bad faith. The presentation was part of a program to educate claims handlers about the applicable law when adjusting potentially fraudulent claims.

Dave has lectured to national insurance carriers on the issue of insurance fraud, including most recently at meetings of the New Jersey Special Investigations Association, the New Jersey Vehicle Theft Investigators Association and the Society of Investigators of Greater Newark. He also successfully litigated claims and recovered damages pursuant to the New Jersey Fraud Prevention Act. Dave is widely considered by members of the bar to be an expert in this field.

Dave served as a Bergen County Assistant Prosecutor from 1980 to 1984. During that time period he served as Arson Squad Chief, Narcotics Squad Chief, Chief of Grand Jury and Assistant Trial Chief. He thereafter entered private practice and became a Certified Civil Trial attorney. Shortly before Dave entered private practice, New Jersey enacted the New Jersey Insurance Fraud Prevention Act. Dave immediately transitioned his prosecutorial experience into the civil arena investigating potentially fraudulent insurance claims and protecting insurance carriers and insureds against fraudulent insurance claims. Not only have these claims been successfully defended, but on multiple occasions the fraudulent claimants have had to reimburse the victims of their attempted fraud pursuant to the New Jersey Insurance Fraud Prevention Act.